Car Trailer Rental near Pinckney MI

Car Trailer Rental near Pinckney MI

When you need to haul a vehicle from point A to point B, Easy Car Haulers has you covered. We offer a variety of car haulers and trailers for rent with multiple sizes to choose from. If you’re looking to book a car trailer rental near Pinckney MI, give us a call at (888) 672-1206. We’re happy to discuss pricing and availability to help you find the best car trailer for your needs.

  • Transparent Pricing with No Hidden Fees
  • High-End Enclosed Trailers and Open Car Haulers for Rent
  • Short-Term Rentals and Long-Term Options Available
  • Superior Customer Service from Knowledgeable Trailer Specialists
  • Deposits Are Refunded Once the Trailer Is Returned without New Damage or Missing Equipment
  • Our Car Trailers Rent Fast! Book Your Car Trailer Rental Today

Do I Need a Special License to Drive with a Car Trailer Attached?

In most cases, you do not need a special license to drive with a car trailer attached. There are circumstances where someone may need a commercial driver’s license to haul a trailer, but the rental trailers we offer at Easy Car Haulers do not fall into those categories.

With this in mind, it is important to learn how to drive with a trailer attached. The feel and momentum of your vehicle will be different with a trailer attached. You do not need a special license, but you should do some research before jumping on a trip. Practice in the parking lot when you pick up your car trailer rental so that you can feel confident driving on the road. 

Easy Car Haulers Has a Large Assortment of Rental Trailers near Pinckney

You can use a car trailer for far more than hauling a car. Similarly, there may be a different style of trailer available that fits your needs better than an open car hauler. We have a full fleet of rental trailers to accommodate your goals, whether you’re making a trip across town or completing a week-long project. Here is an overview of some of the trailers we have for rent:

  • Horse Trailers and Enclosed Trailers
  • Tilt Deck Over Trailers
  • Open Car Haulers with Extended Loading Ramps
  • Super-Wide Equipment Trailers
  • Well-Equipped Rental Trailers with Stake Pockets, Straps, Winches, and Safety Equipment
  • And Many Other Styles of Trailers for Rent

Want to Book a Car Trailer Rental near Pinckney MI? Contact Easy Car Haulers at (888) 672-1206