Car Trailer Rental in Howell MI

Car Trailer Rental in Howell MI with Collectible Car On Top

Searching for a reliable and affordable car trailer rental in Howell MI? Perhaps you have a landscaping project or upcoming move that you want a trailer for. Car trailers have tons of versatility, especially when they’re equipped with extra stake pockets like ours. You can customize a brand new trailer to fit your needs, and you can reserve it for as little as an hour!

Our all-inclusive car trailers come with extra stake pockets and tie-down locations, safety equipment, flat repair tools, converters for hitch wiring, extended loading ramps, high-power lights, and tons of added features for no additional fee.  (888) 672-1206

Different Ways to Use Your Car Trailer Rental

Did you know that roughly 9.8% of Americans move every year? And moving options aren’t necessarily limited to enclosed trailers. If you want to move large furniture and load it from multiple angles, an open car trailer may be the perfect choice for you!

Here are some uses for car trailer rentals that you may not expect:

  • Haul Bricks and Pavers (Hourly Rentals Available)
  • Transport ATVs, Motorcycles, Cars, Lawn Equipment and Other Vehicles
  • Move Construction Supplies, Landscaping and Building Materials
  • Haul Fence Pickets, Poles and Panels
  • Move Farm Equipment (Some Weight Restrictions May Apply)
  • Complete Those Projects You’ve Been Putting off Far Too Long
  • Pick up Car Parts, Appliances and Equipment Needed for Repairs

If you’d like to book a car trailer rental in Howell MI, reach out to Easy Car Haulers. Our office number is (888) 672-1206, and we have flexible booking times available.

What You Need to Reserve a Car Trailer 

Reserving a car trailer rental in Howell MI is easier than you think. We won’t make you sign your life away just to get a trailer for a day. As long as you return the trailer in good condition with no new damage or missing features, you’ll get your full deposit back. Great customer service is a staple of our business, and we’re honored to serve members of this community.

Here is a brief overview of what you need for your reservation:

  • Legal and Valid Driver’s License
  • Proof of Vehicle Insurance
  • 25+ Years of Age
  • Valid Credit Card or PayPal Account for Payment
  • $250 Refundable Deposit (Returned immediately when trailer is returned with no new damage or missing equipment)
  • Rental Fee – Daily, Hourly or Weekly Rentals Available

The Next Time You Need a Car Trailer Rental in Howell MI, Call Easy Car Haulers at (888) 672-1206