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Clearance Considerations When You Rent an Enclosed Trailer

Traffic going under overpass

You’ve heard the phrase, “Measure twice. Cut once.” In the trailer rental world, we say, “Measure twice. Book once.” There’s nothing worse than picking up your rental trailer and getting ready to load your items, only to discover that you do not have the clearance you need. These tips from Easy Car Haulers will help … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Trailer?

Open Trailer with moving items

If you’re planning ahead for an upcoming transport, you’re probably wondering how much your rental trailer will cost. There are many factors that go into that pricing, but we strive to keep quotes as transparent as possible here at Easy Car Haulers. Let’s explore how much it costs to rent a trailer to help you … Read more

What Does Jackknifing a Trailer Mean? (And How to Prevent It)

Kid in Car with Trailer Backing Up

Jackknifing a trailer can lead to traffic jams, vehicle damage, and a slew of other consequences. Most drivers want to avoid this issue at all costs. Thankfully, you can use some simple driving strategies to drastically reduce your risks of jackknifing your trailer. Check out these safe driving practices from Easy Car Haulers. What Jackknifing … Read more

How Tilt Deck Trailers Work

Tow Truck Using Tilted Deck

Trailers come in a variety of sizes and styles. Each one has unique benefits that you could utilize for transport needs. In this guide, we’ll explain how tilt deck trailers work and how they compare to standard flatbed trailers. What Is a Tilt Deck Trailer? On a tilt deck trailer, the bed of the trailer … Read more

What to Do When a Strap Breaks on Your Trailer

Man Strapping Hay on Trailer

Having a trailer strap break on the highway is every driver’s worst nightmare. You’re worried about damaging whatever you’re transporting, and you fear for the safety of drivers around you. We’re here to help you reduce those risks as much as possible and respond quickly in an emergency. Read on to learn what to do … Read more

How Big of a Trailer Do You Need for a Car?

Car on Trailer with Truck

If you need a rent a trailer to haul a car, it has to be the right size. Get something too small, and the vehicle won’t fit. Rent something too large, and you’re hauling extra weight for no reason. Check out this guide from Easy Car Haulers to learn what size trailer to rent for … Read more

Trailer Rental Tips: Measure Twice, Book Once

Woman on the phone renting a trailer.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Measure twice. Cut once.” That motto is designed to save you from making a mistake when you’re cutting building materials. The same principle applies to booking a trailer rental. If you measure correctly, you will hopefully choose the right size trailer from the start. Here are some trailer rental tips … Read more

How Much Weight Can a Car Trailer Handle?

White Truck Hauling Car on Trailer

If you’re planning on transporting a vehicle with a trailer, you need to make sure that trailer is equipped to support that vehicle. A little extra research will go a long way to keep your project running smoothly. Let’s take a look at how much weight car trailers can handle, according to the experts here … Read more

What Are Trailer Stake Pockets?

Trailer View

If you’ve ever used a truck or trailer, you’ve likely interacted with stake pockets. You may not have known what they were or even noticed them on the vehicle, but they were there! Let’s take a closer look at what stake pockets are and how to use them. Stake Pockets Make Your Truck or Trailer … Read more

Can You Back up with a Trailer Attached?

Man Backing Up Truck

Driving with a trailer attached takes some practice, but most qualified drivers get the hang of it after a short time. Driving in a forward motion mostly mimics standard driving practices, but backing up is a different story. This helpful guide from Easy Car Haulers explains when you can and cannot back up with a … Read more