Enclosed Trailer Rental near Pinckney MI

Enclosed Trailer Rental near Pinckney MI

A truck bed or SUV can haul a decent amount, but it may not be large enough to suit your needs. Perhaps you’re moving a ton of furniture that you don’t want to haul in multiple trips. Maybe you’re clearing out your storage unit to move to your new home. Whatever the case may be, you can get an enclosed trailer rental from Easy Car Haulers.

  • Affordable Pricing on Brand-New Enclosed Trailers for Rent
  • Weekly, Daily, and Even Hourly Reservations Are Available
  • Tons of Added Features to Make Your Trip as Convenient as Possible
  • Fully Refundable Deposits
  • A Wide Selection of Car Haulers, Horse Trailers, Equipment Trailers, and Enclosed Trailer Rentals

If you’re ready to book an enclosed trailer rental near Pinckney MI, contact Easy Car Haulers at (888) 672-1206.

Reasons to Choose an Enclosed Trailer over an Open Car Hauler

Enclosed trailers and open car haulers can both transport large loads. Enclosed trailers are slightly heavier than car haulers, but they offer security all around your property. Car haulers tend to be less expensive to rent, but they aren’t ideal for loads with lots of small objects or boxes.

While you can use an enclosed trailer to haul a vehicle, it is much easier to transport a vehicle with a car hauler. Open haulers are lighter, and they do not have the size restrictions that enclosed trailers have. An open car hauler also provides access to all angles of the vehicle. You can open the doors to get in and out, and you can transport just about any style of vehicle with ease.

We can help you choose the right rental trailer for your situation. Contact (888) 672-1206 to plan your open or enclosed trailer rental near Pinckney MI. 

Premium Enclosed Trailers for Rent That Are Packed with Added Features

One thing our customers rave about is all the add-ons they get with their enclosed trailer rental. We won’t nickel-and-dime you just to turn an easy profit. Our goal is to make your trip as smooth as possible, whether you’re hauling a vehicle or moving to a nearby city. Here are some features you can look forward to with your rental:

  • High-Power Winches for Hassle-Free Hauling
  • Safety Equipment, Tire Repair Supplies, and a Basic Tool Kit
  • Reliable Electric Brakes on Both Axles
  • Straps, Jumper Cables, and Hitch Wire Converters
  • Stake Pockets and Tie-Down Areas to Customize Your Car Trailer for Your Load
  • Safety Lights
  • Extended Loading Ramps for Low-Profile Vehicles
  • Rental Hitches Available for a Small Fee

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