Enclosed Trailer Rental near Fenton MI

Enclosed Trailer Rental near Fenton MI

If you’re trying to rent an enclosed trailer in the near future, Easy Car Haulers has you covered. We have a wide range of open and enclosed trailers to choose from, and we make the reservation process as easy as possible.

  • Many Styles of Enclosed Trailers to Choose from, Including Horse Trailers and Sizes up to 24 Feet Long
  • Each Trailer Is Inspected between Uses for Quality Assurance
  • Deposits Are Fully Refundable as Long as the Trailer Is Returned in Pre-Rental Condition
  • We Have Hourly, Weekly, and Daily Rates for Enclosed Trailer Rental near Fenton MI
  • New Trailers with New Equipment – All for an Affordable Price

Contact (888) 672-1206 to book your enclosed trailer rental or verify upcoming availability.

Don’t Settle for a Beat-up Trailer and a High Price Tag – We Offer Premium Enclosed Trailers for Rent with No Added Fees

You’ve probably seen plenty of trailers on rental lots that look like they’ve blown through a tornado. Those are not the trailers we offer at Easy Car Haulers. We take pride in providing top-quality enclosed trailer rentals with extensive add-ons. Those add-ons include the following:

  • Hitch Wire Converters
  • Gloves, Straps, and Safety Equipment
  • Stake Pockets for Easy Customization
  • 4-Way Lug Wrench, Jumper Cables, Basic Tools, Jack, and Other Emergency Supplies
  • Drive-Over Fenders and Extended Ramps Available on Some Car Haulers
  • Powerful Winches and High-Power Lights
  • Brand-New Enclosed Trailers for Rent
  • Electric Brakes on Both Axles

If you need a hitch with your enclosed trailer rental, we have those available for a small fee. All the other features we offer are included in the price of your trailer rental. Contact Easy Car Haulers at (888) 672-1206 to reserve an enclosed trailer rental near Fenton MI.

Quick Tips for Driving with an Enclosed Trailer Attached

Driving with a trailer for the first time can feel a bit unnatural, but all you need is a little practice to get used to it. The most important tip to remember is to maintain a steady momentum. Rapidly slowing down or speeding up will jolt the vehicle and make it difficult to control. Prepare for wide turns and leave plenty of space when you pull in to park. Practice driving around the block a few times before hitting the open road, and don’t be afraid to ask questions when you reserve your enclosed trailer rental.

Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Driving with a Trailer Attached to learn more.

Call (888) 672-1206 to Reserve an Enclosed Trailer Rental near Fenton MI