Enclosed Trailer Rental in Michigan

View of Enclosed Trailer Rental in Michigan

Easy Car Haulers & Trailer Rentals provides a variety of rental equipment for your transport needs. Whether you’re looking for a car hauler to move a load of sod or an enclosed trailer to move your entire apartment, we’ve got state-of-the-art equipment for rent. Reach out to (888) 672-1206 to book your enclosed trailer rental in Michigan.

What’s Included with an Enclosed Trailer Rental?

Both our open trailers and enclosed trailers are fully stocked with transport essentials. For instance, several of our car haulers come with high-power winches to make loading as easy as possible. We’ve curated a set of add-ons to make our trailer rentals stand out from the rest. Your enclosed trailer may include:

  • 5,200 lb Axles
  • Tool Kit, Tire Gauge and Jumper Cables
  • Select Safety Equipment
  • 10,000 lb Capacity
  • Plenty of Straps for Support
  • Hydraulic Jacks and 4-Way Wrenches for Flat Repair
  • Trailer Lights with Converters for Hitch Wiring
  • Rental Hitches Available

If you’d like to book your enclosed trailer rental in Michigan, give us a call at (888) 672-1206.

Should I Rent an Open or Enclosed Trailer?

Our local trailer rental company offers open and enclosed haulers, so you can select the one that best matches your needs. Open trailers are convenient for lumber, landscaping, bricks, vehicles, construction materials, and anything else you might want access to from all angles. Enclosed trailers offer an opportunity to lock up your load overnight, which is ideal for multi-day transport.

We can help you decide which type of trailer is right for you. Choose from hourly, weekly or daily rental rates, and enjoy superior customer service from start to finish. Contact Easy Car Haulers & Trailer Rentals at (888) 672-1206 to reserve an enclosed trailer rental in Michigan.

What You Need to Start Your Trailer Rental

Securing an enclosed trailer rental is easier than you think! You don’t need a special license or expensive insurance to make it happen. Here are the basic requirements for getting an enclosed trailer from Easy Car Haulers & Trailer Rentals:

  • Driver’s License
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Deposit (Refunded if Trailer Returned in Good Condition)
  • 25 Years of Age or Older
  • A Vehicle Capable of Hauling the Trailer
  • Credit Card or PayPal Account

Contact Easy Car Haulers & Trailer Rentals to Reserve Your Enclosed Trailer Rental in Michigan | (888) 672-1206