Car Haulers for Rent near South Lyon MI

Inside View of Car Haulers for Rent near South Lyon MI

Do you need an open trailer for an upcoming project? There are tons of reasons why you may be searching for car haulers for rent near South Lyon MI. Most people think of these trailers as vehicle transport options, but they can also be used for landscaping materials, wood, bricks, appliances, and much more. Enjoy the following perks when you book with Easy Car Haulers:

  • Fully Equipped Rental Trailers without the Added Fees
  • Brand-New Horse Trailers, Enclosed Trailers, and Car Haulers for Rent near South Lyon MI
  • Hourly Rates Available for Quick Rentals
  • Amazing Customer Service from a Locally Owned Company
  • You’ll Receive Your Deposit Back Right Away If the Trailer Is Returned in Its Original Condition
  • Reservation Slots Go Fast, So Book Early If You Can!

When you’re ready to reserve a rental car hauler, please contact us at (888) 672-1206. We make the process quick and easy so you can focus on other parts of your journey.

How Hard Is It to Drive with a Trailer Attached?

Driving with a trailer attached is different than driving a vehicle on its own, but the adjustments are minor. The main issue you have to worry about is how the trailer impacts your ability to stop and accelerate. The momentum of the vehicle is different because the weight distribution has changed. As long as you focus on maintaining a steady pace, you should have little difficulty driving with a trailer.

Easy Car Haulers offers several tutorials to help you through this process. Check out these resources:

When you need to reserve one of our car haulers for rent near South Lyon MI, please call (888) 672-1206. You’ll receive positive support every step of the way.

What You Need to Reserve a Car Hauler for Rent

The main things we need to reserve your car hauler are a valid ID (must be 25 or older), proof of insurance, and a payment method for the refundable deposit. We accept cash payments but will need a card on file. You can choose from weekly, hourly, and daily rates for any of our car haulers for rent near South Lyon MI. We look forward to working with you!

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