What Trailer Is Best for Moving? Open vs. Enclosed

If you’ve got a move coming up, you have the choice of renting a moving truck or a trailer. We recently compared Trailer Rental vs. Moving Truck Rental, and for the most part, trailers outweigh moving trucks. This guide compares enclosed trailers and open trailers to help you decide what to rent.

Enclosed Trailers Are Ideal for Most Moves

Enclosed trailers are essentially large boxes you can fill with smaller boxes. They work great for moving because you can stack objects of all different sizes inside knowing they’re well protected. The trailer door has room for a lock, so you can secure the load even if you have to leave it somewhere.

An enclosed trailer also protects your objects from rain, wind, sunlight, road debris and more. You can put a tarp on objects on an open trailer, but it doesn’t provide the same durable protection. Unless you have items that won’t fit in an enclosed trailer, you’ll probably want to use this option for your move.

Open Trailers Are Good for Large Objects You Can Tie Down

The big perk to using an open trailer is that you can load objects that don’t necessarily need to be confined inside. For instance, if you’re moving a vehicle, a piano, large signs, construction materials, four wheelers, heavy equipment – all of that could go on a car hauler.

While there are design benefits to using a car hauler for a car, you can use it for far more than that. Our car haulers are built with stake pockets and extra tiedown locations to make them as versatile as possible. We’d be happy to help you find the right trailer for your moving needs.

What Size Trailer Is Best for Moving?

There are so many factors that determine which trailer size to rent for a move. The furniture and items in a bachelor’s three-bedroom house may be drastically different than a family of five living in the same space.

It’s always best to get a trailer larger than what you need, if you’re having a hard time deciding. Objects may not fit on the trailer quite like you planned, so you’ll want space to adjust. Of course, if you don’t mind making multiple trips, you can rent a small moving trailer. You’ll just need to factor travel time into your reservation plans.

This resource shows the capacity for different trailer sizes, so you can get a better idea of what you may need for your move: What Size Moving Trailer Do I Need?

Can I Rent a Trailer for a Quick Move?

Not every move takes days to complete. Maybe you just need a trailer to haul your sectional from one place to another. Easy Car Haulers offers hourly trailer rentals to accommodate those situations. Give us a call at (888) 672-1206 the next time you need to rent a trailer in Southeast Michigan.