Trailer Rental vs. Moving Truck Rental

Should you rent a moving truck or an enclosed trailer? Would a car hauler be better suited for your needs? Each type of transport vehicle has its unique benefits. You have to find the one that fits your functional needs and your budget. Let’s compare trailer rental vs. moving truck rental to decide which vehicle you should get.

Benefits of Enclosed Trailers over Moving Trucks

Enclosed trailers often provide a higher storage capacity than moving trucks because they don’t have to account for the actual truck cab. This means that you can fit more items in the trailer, which is crucial for big moves.

Enclosed trailers are also removable, which means you can park the trailer and still drive your vehicle. Having to park a moving truck somewhere to run into a store or stop for food is a hassle, especially if you rent a large moving truck. If you have a team of people unloading the trailer, someone else can use the vehicle to run errands and handle tasks. You don’t have that flexibility with a moving truck.

Furthermore, having a vehicle separate from the trailer provides additional storage space. You can put objects in the bed of the truck, truck of the car, backseat of the SUV, etc. Whatever vehicle you have, you can utilize that for additional transport.

Finally, you can avoid renting a moving truck and a car hauler to move your personal vehicle. If you use your vehicle to haul the trailer, you don’t have to coordinate with another driver or an extra hauler to move your vehicle.

Benefits of Moving Trucks over Enclosed Trailers

There are some benefits of moving trucks vs. trailer rentals, mostly if your personal vehicle is not equipped to haul a trailer. If you would have to rent a truck to haul a trailer, the cost of the combined setup may be more than the cost of the moving truck.

The height of the loading ramp may also be a concern, depending on what you’re hauling. Many moving trucks are designed with extended ramps and low truck floors, which helps the loading process. Not all trailers are equipped like that. Several of the trailer rentals we provide at Easy Car Haulers come with extended ramps.

Benefits of Open Trailers over Moving Trucks/Enclosed Trailers

There is one other contender you might want to consider – an open car hauler. Car trailers can be used for far more than just moving cars. You can use them to transport lumber, construction materials, tools, recreational vehicles, sod, bricks, and much more.

Perhaps you have a heavy load that isn’t tall enough to fill an enclosed trailer, or maybe the load is an awkward size that won’t fit inside a moving truck. Our open rental trailers have multiple stake pockets and tiedown locations, so you can customize your trailer to support your load. And of course, you can use them to haul vehicles if you like! Our car haulers have winches included so you can load a vehicle with ease.

How to Choose the Right Trailer Rental for Your Needs

To determine which trailer is right for you, consider how big your load is going to be and how you plan to transport it. Do you need something closed that you can lock up? Do you need the ability to leave the trailer somewhere so you can drive your vehicle around? Would renting a moving truck be a waste due to the size or height of your load?

The experts here at Easy Car Haulers would love to help you choose a trailer rental that fits your needs. Reach out to (888) 672-1206 to rent a trailer near you.