Car Hauler vs. Utility Trailer: What’s the Difference?

Car hauler, utility trailer, flatbed – these terms are often used interchangeably. While there are many overlapping similarities within this category, each piece of equipment has unique features. Let’s compare the difference between a car hauler and a utility trailer to determine which one best suits your project.

Key Differences between Car Haulers and Utility Trailers

Here are some of the main differences between car haulers and utility trailers:

  • Car haulers are designed to support the weight of a vehicle
  • Utility trailers typically have built-in side rails
  • Car haulers are flat all around, so you can open vehicle doors without hitting the railing
  • Car haulers are equipped with stake pockets, so you can add side rails as needed
  • Many car haulers have low-profile ramps, making it easy to drive or pull a vehicle onto the trailer
  • Utility trailers tend to have lower carrying capacities, but there are some available to support large loads
  • Car and utility trailers may be similar in size, but there are wide ranges in both categories

The biggest difference between a car hauler and a utility trailer is the fact that the utility trailer has rails. Since you can add rails to a car hauler as needed, car haulers are more versatile and better suited for most projects.

Can a Utility Trailer Haul Vehicles?

Utility trailers can haul some lightweight vehicles, but they are not ideal for most car transports. If you are moving a shell or a race car, you might get away with using a utility trailer. Otherwise, you’re better off renting a car hauler.

Can a Car Hauler Be Used as a Trailer?

Absolutely! Car haulers do a lot more than just haul cars. They can be used for hunting trips, construction projects, recreational equipment, furniture, fencing, landscaping, and much more. A car hauler functions much like a flatbed trailer with the added bonus of vehicular transport. It’s the best of both worlds.

How to Rent a Car Trailer for Your Upcoming Project

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