Horse Trailers for Rent in Brighton MI

Horse Getting into a Horse Trailer for Rent in Brighton

Do you need a horse trailer for an upcoming show? Are you getting a new mule that you need to transport to your far? Easy Car Haulers provides horse trailers for rent in Brighton MI. We would love to help you get your animals where they need to be.

  • Brand-New, Fully Equipped Horse Trailers for Rent in Brighton MI
  • Daily and Hourly Rates Available for Short-Term Rentals
  • Transparent Pricing with No Hidden Fees
  • Enclosed Trailers and Open Car Haulers Are Available as Well
  • A Locally Owned Trailer Rental Company with an Outstanding Reputation
  • All Deposits Are Fully Refundable When Trailers Are Returned with No New Damage or Missing Equipment

If you’re looking for reliable and affordable horse trailers for rent in Brighton MI, contact Easy Car Haulers at (888) 672-1206.

The Benefits of Using a Rental Horse Trailer

There are over 9.2 million domesticated horses, mules, and burros in the U.S. These animals need transportation for a myriad of reasons, making horse trailers a hot commodity in rural areas. Nevertheless, you may not need a permanent horse trailer in your possession. They are expensive to purchase, especially if you only need one once or twice per year. Our horse trailers for rent in Brighton MI offer transportation convenience without the hefty price tag.

Horse trailers need routine maintenance, just like any other vehicle. When you rent a trailer, you eliminate that hassle. You know you’re receiving a working trailer that has been thoroughly inspected and repaired as needed. We store the trailer and get it ready for your reservation. Minimize your stress and maximize your productivity in other areas.

Call (888) 672-1206 if you’d like to reserve a horse trailer for rent in Brighton MI.

How to Drive with a Horse Trailer Attached

There is a slight learning curve when you first drive with a horse trailer attached. It’s best to practice a few times before loading animals onto the trailer for your safety and theirs. Here are some tips to follow when you drive one of our horse trailers for rent in Brighton MI:

  • Secure the Trailer Completely before Loading Animals
  • Park on a Flat Surface with Minimal Trip Hazards
  • Make Wide Turns to Avoid Jackknifing the Trailer
  • Maintain a Consistent Speed and Gently Accelerate/Brake as Needed
  • Keep a Safe Distance from Other Vehicles as You Drive
  • Be Aware of Traffic Patterns in Your Area and Adjust Your Route Accordingly

Check out our Beginner’s Guide for Driving with a Trailer Attached for more information.

Call (888) 672-1206 to Reserve One of Our Horse Trailers for Rent in Brighton MI