Horse Trailers for Rent in Michigan

Line Up of Horse Trailers for Rent in Michigan

Easy Car Haulers has a variety of rental trailers available. We offer convenient scheduling options, including hourly and daily rates. Enjoy a variety of benefits, including the following:

  • Hourly Rates Available for Short Rentals
  • Brand-New Horse Trailers for Rent
  • Fully Equipped Rental Trailers with No Hidden Fees
  • Friendly Customer Service from a Locally Owned Trailer Rental Company
  • Deposits Are Fully Refundable When Trailers Are Returned in Their Original Condition
  • Explore Additional Trailer Rentals from Easy Car Haulers

Easy Car Haulers offers open car haulers, enclosed trailers, tilt deck over trailers, and other transport trailers for rent in Michigan. Contact us at (888) 672-1206 if you’d like to make a reservation.

Quick Tips for Using a Horse Trailer

You do not need a CDL or special license to pull a horse trailer. If this is your first time operating a vehicle with a horse trailer attached, you may want to practice before loading your animals onto the trailer. Here are some quick tips for driving with a horse trailer:

  • Hook the Trailer up Completely before Loading Animals onto It
  • Park the Trailer in a Flat Area Free of Obstacles So the Horse Can Walk Safely into It
  • Keep the Windows Closed While Driving to Prevent Injury or Bugs Hitting Your Horses’ Faces
  • Gently Guide Your Horse onto the Trailer and Close the Compartment Door behind You before Tying Them in Place
  • Leave out the Human Door near the Front of the Trailer
  • Drive at Persistent Speeds and Avoid Strong Braking/Accelerating
  • Prepare for Wide Turns and Maintain Your Momentum through the Turns
  • Check on Your Horses Periodically during Long Trips
  • Monitor the Trailer in Your Mirrors as You Drive
  • Maintain a Safe Distance between the Cars ahead of You So that You Can Gently Brake as Needed
  • Be Aware of Where You Park Your Trailer for Unloading

 Reach out to (888) 672-1206 if you’re looking for horse trailers for rent in Michigan.  

Reserve Your Horse Trailer for Rent Right away! Rental Slots Fill up Fast

There is a big demand for horse trailers for rent in Michigan. Many horse owners, trainers, and caretakers struggle to find rental trailers for quick trips. This is why we added horse trailers to our fleet. We saw a strong need in the community. Time slots fill up fast, especially on the weekends. Reserve your rental horse trailer as early as possible.

Easy Car Haulers Offers Premium Horse Trailers for Rent in Michigan! Call (888) 672-1206 to Reserve Yours