Trailer Rental Tips: Measure Twice, Book Once

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Measure twice. Cut once.” That motto is designed to save you from making a mistake when you’re cutting building materials. The same principle applies to booking a trailer rental. If you measure correctly, you will hopefully choose the right size trailer from the start. Here are some trailer rental tips from Easy Car Haulers to guide your journey.

Get the Right Size Trailer for Your Needs

If you have a way to measure certain aspects of your load, do so before booking a trailer for rent. For example, you may have a long couch with specific dimensions or a sculpture that sits at a certain height. It may be tough to plan dimensions for stacked boxes, but those objects are easy to adjust. The fixed items like furniture, appliances, and building materials need to be accounted for.

When in doubt, get a slightly larger trailer. It is better to have extra room on the trailer than to be strapped for space and need to make two trips. The minimal money you may spend on a larger rental trailer will be insignificant compared to the time you save.

Consider What Your Vehicle Can Pull

Every vehicle has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) that measures how much it can pull, including the weight of the vehicle and any attachments. If your vehicle is not capable of pulling a larger trailer with a full loan, you may have to make multiple trips anyway. Also, keep in mind how weighed down the inside of your vehicle may be. If you’re filling the backseat with boxes or people, that’s going to add extra strain. Check out Can My Car Pull a Rental Trailer?for more information.

Get the Right Style Trailer for Your Needs

Size isn’t the only factor to consider when booking a trailer for rent. You also need to select the right style of trailer. Do you need an open car hauler that allows you to access your load from every angle? Would you prefer the protection and security of a lockable enclosed trailer? Do you have an odd-sized object that will not fit in the confines of an enclosed trailer? Assess your general needs to find the perfect trailer for rent.

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