Clearance Considerations When You Rent an Enclosed Trailer

You’ve heard the phrase, “Measure twice. Cut once.” In the trailer rental world, we say, “Measure twice. Book once.” There’s nothing worse than picking up your rental trailer and getting ready to load your items, only to discover that you do not have the clearance you need.

These tips from Easy Car Haulers will help you find the best enclosed trailer rental for your unique needs. 

Inside Height Clearance

The interior height of your trailer will determine how high you can stack boxes or load awkward furniture. Most of our enclosed trailers for rent offer 7′ 5″ of interior height clearance, while some competitors only offer 6′ of clearance. Our trailers sit low to the ground with extended loading ramps, which allows for maximum interior clearance and easier loading.

Wall-to-Wall Interior Width

The width inside the trailer will be slightly smaller than the exterior width. You may need to know the exterior width to plan parking, but the interior width will matter when you’re loading objects into the trailer. If your load is too wide to fit within the walls and cannot be positioned in another way, you may need a different type of trailer to complete your transport.

Distance between Inner Wheel Wells

In addition to learning the distance between inner walls, you need to know the distance between the inner wheel wells. This may affect what you can transport or how you position it in the trailer. The wheel wells only affect a portion of the trailer, and most loads can be reconfigured to adjust for the wheels. Nevertheless, it’s a clearance consideration you must keep in mind. The standard distance between inner wheel wells for our rental enclosed trailers is 83″.

Overall Trailer Length

Trailer length is yet another factor to keep in mind. The longer the trailer, the more you can fit inside. If you’re transporting long materials, make sure your trailer accommodates your needs. Easy Car Haulers has several styles of enclosed trailers for rent, so you can pick the size that works best for you.

Need Flexible Clearance? Consider an Open Hauler Instead

Enclosed trailers do not work for all transport projects, especially if you’re hauling a vehicle or large piece of equipment. You may want to consider alternative options, such as an open car hauler or tilt deck trailer. Browse our home page for trailer rental options, or call (888) 672-1206 to book a trailer rental from Easy Car Haulers.