How Tilt Deck Trailers Work

Trailers come in a variety of sizes and styles. Each one has unique benefits that you could utilize for transport needs. In this guide, we’ll explain how tilt deck trailers work and how they compare to standard flatbed trailers.

What Is a Tilt Deck Trailer?

On a tilt deck trailer, the bed of the trailer tilts backward for loading and unloading. Flatbed trailers usually have ramps to get vehicles onto the bed of the trailer, but with a tilt deck, the whole trailer moves. Think of this like a large seesaw. The wheels remain on the ground for stability, and the deck can be leveled flat after loading.

Tilt Bed Trailers vs. Flatbed Trailers

Most people find it easier to load vehicles or heavy equipment onto a tilt deck trailer because they have the entire surface of the trailer to roll onto. Ramps come with a risk of slipping, and it can be challenging to get the wheels perfectly aligned on the ramps. Some ramps aren’t low enough for low-riding vehicles, which can damage the vehicle during transport. That is usually not an issue with tilt deck trailers.

Tilt beds are great for areas where you don’t have a lot of room for loading. If you’re in a tight parking lot or on a small street, you may not have room to extend loading ramps. The deck saves space for loading and unloading, and it saves space on the actual trailer. With a flatbed trailer, you may have to sacrifice some of the trailer space to store the ramps.

Tilt deck trailers are ideal for transporting vehicles and heavy equipment, but they’re not necessary for all transport situations. If you’re loading a bunch of boxes onto your trailer for a move, a basic flatbed trailer will do the trick. The specialists here at Easy Car Haulers can help you find the right rental trailer to suit your needs.

Do Tilt Trailers Cost More Than Flatbed Trailers?

If you’re looking to purchase a trailer, you’ll likely spend much more for a tilt deck trailer than you would for a flatbed trailer. Tilt deck trailers also cost more to maintain because they have more moving parts.

If you’re trying to rent a tilt deck trailer, the cost will depend on who you rent through. Easy Car Haulers has a wide selection of rental trailers available, and our tilt deck trailer rentals are comparably priced to our horse trailers, wide equipment trailers, and flatbed trailers. We strive to make our trailers as affordable and accessible as possible without any sacrifice to quality. You can rent a state-of-the-art tilt trailer that’s packed with added features, and you don’t have to worry about any long-term expenses. 

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