What is the Difference Between a Deckover and Flat Deck Trailer?

If you’re new to hauling, you may be surprised to see the wide range of trailer types and options that are available to you. One question we get here often at Easy Car Haulers is: what’s the difference between flat deck and deckover trailers? From differences in design to differences in functionality, there are a few considerations to think about.

Design Differences: Deckover and Flat Deck Trailers

Both trailers look similar at first glance. The difference lies in the ways in which the platform is positioned on the trailer. This, in turn, spurs other differences.

  • Flat deck trailers: These are built with the deck between the trailer’s wheels. This is a simple design that also happens to be the most popular type. You’ve likely spotted these on the road when out driving. These trailers have a low center of gravity, as they are not located high above the ground. This makes it easier for the trailer to be loaded and unloaded.
  • Deckover trailers: These trailers feature a deck sitting above the trailer’s wheels. As a result, you get more loading space and ground clearance, as the platform is higher and wider than the traditional option above. Featuring an open-top cargo area sitting directly over the axle, this is mounted on a flatbed truck and is used to transport materials ranging from heavy equipment to delicate items.

Uses For Flat Deck Trailers

There’s a good reason why flat deck trailers are so popular, as they offer versatility in hauling and loading a variety of items.

  • Anything from small vehicles such as motorcycles and ATVs to equipment such as lawn mowers can be hauled with this type of trailer, fitting nicely between the wheels.
  • You can load items around the fenders and wheels.
  • Just a short ramp is required to load vehicles and equipment onto the trailer, due to the fact that the platform is so close to the ground. Oftentimes, you don’t even need a ramp at all thanks to the small step to access the platform.
  • Flat deck trailers are lightweight so you can haul more stuff while remaining within towing limits.
  • Hauling is easy over smooth surfaces that accommodate low ground clearance.

Uses For Deckover Trailers

When you’re constrained to certain hauling requirements, deckover trailers pose more practical benefits. Use a deckover trailer for:

  • Bulky equipment or loads: Because the deckover trailer platform is wider, you can better accommodate loads more than 80 inches wide. Also, due to the additional width involved, the total platform space is larger.
  • Fenders or wheels that are in your way during loading: This is especially beneficial when loading lumber or pallets with a forklift.
  • Loading in a space large enough to accommodate longer ramps: This is often necessary due to the platform being higher.
  • Hauling that takes place over rough terrain needing a higher ground clearance.

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