What Are Trailer Stake Pockets?

If you’ve ever used a truck or trailer, you’ve likely interacted with stake pockets. You may not have known what they were or even noticed them on the vehicle, but they were there! Let’s take a closer look at what stake pockets are and how to use them.

Stake Pockets Make Your Truck or Trailer Completely Customizable

Stake pockets are essentially holes to put things in or attach things to. These are the rectangular holes around the edge of a truck bed where you can attach ratchet straps, rope, bungee cords, etc. On a trailer, the pockets may be part of the edge material, or they may protrude slightly from the edges.

You can use stake pockets to customize your truck or trailer. For example, you could build railings to go along the edges of the trailer. The base of the railings will secure into the stake pockets, and you can remove them at a later date if you want the trailer to be open again.

You can find many pre-made stake pocket accessories on the market, including ratchet mounts, cargo tie-downs, spare tire mounts, deck steps, and more. You can transform an open car hauler into a walled-off hay trailer in minutes by adding the right features to the stake pockets. The possibilities are endless.

How to Use Trailer Stake Pockets

Stake pockets are pockets. You need to fill them with something to use them. You could use a stake pocket as a place to loop a rope through, or you could install an entire railing system that’s locked into place. Many stake pocket accessories come with a pin that you use to lock the accessory into the stake pocket. Some stake pockets have holes on the outside so you can secure the wood in place for railings. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, you can find an example of it online to reference.

Can I Add Stake Pockets to a Trailer?

You can add stake pockets to a trailer you own. This requires some modifications to the trailer, which is why you cannot do this on a rental trailer.

There are tons of aftermarket stake pockets available, and most use a bolted installation process. You mark where you want the stake pocket to go, measure/drill holes for the bolts, and screw the stake pockets in place. There are welded options available as well, but those are harder to remove if you need to make adjustments in the future.

Our Rental Trailers Come with Extra Stake Pockets and Tie-down Locations

The rental trailers and car haulers we offer at Easy Car Haulers come with extra stake pockets and tie-down spots. We strategically invested in top-of-the-line trailers to ensure maximum versatility. You could rent the same trailer for completely different projects thanks to the customizability stake pockets provide.

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