Trailer Safety Pre-Check Before You Hit the Road

You booked your trailer rental and got it ready to load, but you’re not sure what to check before you hit the road. Giving the trailer a quick once-over may help you avoid safety concerns along the way. Follow these trailer safety pre-check tips from Easy Car Haulers.

Look for Low Tires

Does the tire pressure look low on any of the tires? Did one of the tires go flat overnight? Check all your tires before you get on the road to prevent a big blowout at high speeds. If you have a tire pressure gauge on hand, you could use that to check the tire pressure before you go. (Don’t forget to check the spare!)

If one of the tires is low, you may want to fill it up before starting your trip. If the tire is completely flat, swap it out with a spare.

Check the Lights and Turn Signals

Grab a partner to check that all the lights are working properly on your trailer and the hauling vehicle. A faulty light could lead to a dangerous accident when you’re on the road. Have one person inside the vehicle hit the brakes and turn signals while the other is outside to verify that they work.

Make Sure the Hitch Is Properly Secured

You’ll need to check that the hitch is attached to the hauling vehicle and that the trailer is well secured to the hitch. While you’re there, check the safety chains to make sure they’re crisscrossed and not dragging on the ground. You want them to be loose enough to have some give when making turns but not so loose that they drag on the road while you’re driving.

Pull the Straps Tight

If you’re driving an open trailer, make sure the straps are tightened down well. Double-check every rope knot or connection point so that nothing shifts out of place when you drive. Plan to pull over periodically to check your load and monitor it in the mirrors as you drive.

If you’re using an enclosed trailer, you should still make sure everything is strapped down securely. If the load moves around a lot in the trailer, it may be harder to control the vehicle on the road. Check the doors and locks as well for added peace of mind.

Get a Rental Trailer You Can Depend on

Not all rental trailers are created equal. You’ve probably seen some on the highway that look like they’ve been to war. That’s not what we offer here at Easy Car Haulers. We have a fleet of high-end trailers for rent, and we inspect each trailer between uses. We want to ensure that your experience is positive from start to finish, even if you just need to rent a trailer for an hour.

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