Tips For Safe Towing This Summer

If you’re planning on hitting the road this summer and you need a trailer to haul your belongings and toys, fun – and safety – should be the main priorities. In order to have fun, though, you have to make sure you’re employing safe towing practices before you head out. From even weight distribution to checking the tires, here are some safety tips for towing your trailer during this season of fun and sun.

9 Safety Considerations

No matter which type of trailer you have or where you’re going, heed these tips to ensure trouble-free exploration:

  1. Evenly distribute weight. It’s essential that the weight in your trailer has been spread out evenly, and not in concentrated areas. Not only will this prevent swaying, it will give you more control over your trailer when in motion. Thoughtful loading is the first step!
  2. Get the right hitch. Making sure you have the right hitch for the type and size trailer you have is the next priority. Good rule of thumb: the hitch’s weight rating should be higher than the trailer’s gross weight. When backing up your vehicle up to the trailer, its hitch should align with the trailer’s coupler. First, put the car in park and engage the parking break, then lower the coupler onto the hitch. After that’s done, you can connect all wires and safety chains.
  3. Brake in plenty of time. This is good advice for any motor vehicle on the roads, but particularly so when you’re towing a trailer behind you. That’s because your momentum is greater due to the additional weight of the trailer. To make up for this, be sure to brake early and keep several feet of extra space between your car and the one in front. Be gentle when braking to avoid jack knifing.
  4. Practice backing up. It will serve you well to practice backing up before your trip. This can be a tricky concept for anyone, but especially beginners.
  5. Make wide turns. Because the trailer’s wheels turn much sharper than your vehicle’s wheels, be sure to make wide turns and give yourself lots of extra room.
  6. Enlist the help of a parking assistant. This won’t work if you’re traveling solo, but if you have other people with you, ask one of your passengers to direct you into parking spaces. Once parked, place blocks under the tires so the trailer doesn’t roll.
  7. Keep calm if the trailer sways. Many people panic and try to overcorrect when their trailer sways. Don’t speed up or steer out of it; rather, gradually slow down, keep the steering wheel steady, and apply the trailer brakes. If the swaying continues despite your best efforts, you may have to pull over, reconsider your weight distribution and reload.
  8. Check the tires. Be mindful of the tire pressure and tread; too much or too little air will lead to swaying.
  9. Keep your lights on. Your trailer’s lights will alert drivers behind you as to your intentions. Make sure they work before heading out. Not only is this a safe and considerate act toward other drivers you’re sharing the road with, it gives you and your passengers extra protection and peace of mind.

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