Rent a Car Trailer near Pinckney MI

Do you need a car trailer for an upcoming move? Perhaps you bought a non-working vehicle that you’re bringing home to fix up, or maybe you need to take multiple vehicles in one trip. Whatever your situation may be, Easy Car Haulers has you covered. We offer a range of rental trailers to choose from, including open car haulers and enclosed trailers.

  • We Offer Hourly and Weekly Rental Setups
  • Enjoy Fair and Transparent Pricing with No Hidden Fees
  • Our Car Haulers and Enclosed Trailers Are Thoroughly Inspected between Uses
  • We’re Known for Our Superior Customer Service and High-End Equipment
  • Your Deposit Gets Refunded When You Return the Trailer as Long as There’s No New Damage or Missing Equipment
  • Reservations Fill up Fast! Call Easy Car Haulers to Rent a Car Trailer Today

Contact Easy Car Haulers at (888) 672-1206 when you need to rent a car trailer near Pinckney MI. We have several sizes to choose from, and we can help you find the right rental trailer for your needs.

What Kind of ID Do I Need to Rent a Car Trailer?

All you need is a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance to rent a car trailer from Easy Car Haulers. You do not need a CDL or specialty license to drive a vehicle with a trailer attached. You may still want to practice driving with a trailer before going on a long journey, but you will not need a special ID or certification to rent a trailer.

Need to Rent a Different Type of Trailer? We’ve Got You Covered!

Sometimes, a car trailer just doesn’t do the job that you need it to. This is common when a load has many small parts that would be best contained inside an enclosed trailer. Have no fear – Easy Car Haulers offers enclosed rental trailers, horse trailers, wide equipment trailers, and much more. Our inventory is constantly expanding to better serve the needs of our clients. Here are some trailers you can rent from us:

  • Super-Wide and Wide Equipment Trailers
  • Tilt Deck Over Trailers
  • Horse Trailers, Motorcycle Trailers, and Enclosed Trailers
  • Open Car Haulers with Extended Loading Ramps
  • Fully-Equipped Rental Trailers with Straps, Stake Pockets, Winches, and Basic Safety Gear
  • And Many Other Rental Trailers to Choose from

Contact Easy Car Haulers at (888) 672-1206 If You’d Like to Rent a Car Trailer near Pinckney MI