Can I Use a Car Cover with an Open Trailer?

If you want to protect the paint on your vehicle while towing it, you may be looking for a car cover that can stay secure on an open trailer. There are some negatives to driving with a car cover on, so it’s important to weigh your options and safety concerns. Here are some tips from Easy Car Haulers to ensure you have a safe transport experience.

Why You Shouldn’t Put a Car Cover on When You’re Using an Open Trailer

Most heavy-duty car covers on the market are made from some form of fabric. They are designed to lay across the vehicle and create a body-hugging layer of protection.

When you’re driving on the open road, that fabric turns into a parachute. Air gets sucked under the car cover, no matter how well it is strapped down. You can add trailer nets and other features to strap the cover down, but you’re still dealing with a liability issue. If the cover fills with air, it may block your line of sight or visibility for others on the road. If it flies off, it may cover someone else’s window and create a traffic accident.

Do not underestimate how powerful the wind can be when you’re driving at 70+ mph.

Car Covers Are Best for Stationary Protection

Car covers can protect your vehicle when it’s parked. You can still use a car cover when the vehicle is on a trailer. It’s just best to avoid this practice when you’re on the road. Keep the cover in your vehicle while the trailer is moving, and then secure it over the vehicle for long breaks.

What about a Shrink Wrap Car Cover?

There are products available that essentially vacuum seal the exterior of your vehicle for transport. These are the least likely products to fly off in the wind, but they aren’t foolproof. You may experience some moisture buildup between the vehicle and the cover, which can lead to damage if the cover is left on for too long. These covers are also quite pricey, so you may be better off renting a different style of trailer.

Choose an Enclosed Trailer Instead

If your vehicle can fit inside of an enclosed trailer, that may be the ideal option for protection during transport. The walls of the trailer create a durable box around the vehicle, and you don’t have to worry about those walls flying off with the wind. You can lock the trailer for extra security, and you can transport additional items inside the trailer.

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