Can an SUV Fit Inside an Enclosed Trailer?

Do you need to transport an SUV sometime soon? Not sure what the best trailer is to handle that task? Open car haulers work well for many SUV transports, but they’re not the only option to consider. You may be able to get an enclosed trailer for your vehicle transport, complete with locking doors and added storage. Read through the following considerations to determine if an enclosed trailer is right for you.

Measure the Exterior Dimensions of Your SUV

The easiest way to determine if your SUV would fit inside of an enclosed trailer is to compare the exterior dimensions of the SUV to the interior dimensions of the enclosed trailer. Many SUVs can fit inside enclosed trailers, but not all trailers are created equal. If you have an oversized SUV with third-row seating, it may not fit as well as a small- or mid-sized SUV.

Know what the overall dimensions of your SUV are, and then you can look for an enclosed trailer that accommodates your needs. For easy reference, J.D. Power offers a guide for the Dimensions and Weights of Common SUVs.

Be Mindful of the Wheel Wells

The wheel wells on the trailer will affect the interior dimensions. This could take several inches off the wall-to-wall measurements, so keep that in mind as you’re shopping for rental trailers. The length between the outside of your tires (driver’s side to passenger side) needs to fit in between the wheel wells of the enclosed trailer.

Check the Weight Capacity for the Enclosed Trailer

Many enclosed trailers can support the weight of an SUV, but not all. Verify the carrying capacity of the trailer and the vehicle you’re using to pull the trailer before you set out for transport. You may find that the added weight of the enclosed trailer is too much for the pulling vehicle to handle. Thus, it may be best to switch to an open trailer instead.

Will You Need to Open the Doors During Transport?

One drawback of using an enclosed trailer to move a vehicle is that you most likely won’t be able to open the vehicle’s doors during transport. If you frequently need access to the inside of the vehicle, an open hauler may be a better option. If, however, you do not need to open the doors until the SUV is off the trailer, you should be fine with an enclosed model.

Compare the Cost and Availability of Enclosed Trailers vs. Open Car Haulers

Once you know your trailer options, assess the cost differences and general availability for the rental trailers. Do you have enough time to book the trailer you need in advance? Does it fit your transport needs and budget?

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