5 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Trailer Rental

It’s important to match the right trailer with the right haul, but it can be challenging to settle on the right rental for you. From price to trailer types, there are many considerations to think about before committing to a trailer rental company in Michigan. So whether you need a flatbed trailer rental or an enclosed trailer rental, here are five important questions to ask before you settle on a trailer.

1.  What Type of Trailer Best Fits My Needs?

Not all rentals are created equal. It’s important to choose a company – and a trailer – that is targeted to your industry. For example, you may need a flatbed trailer for agricultural, or dump trailer for construction. Choosing the right company will ensure you get the most educated guidance on the type of trailer that fits your specific needs.  

2.  How Much Will the Rental Cost?

It goes without saying, but the price you pay will depend heavily on the type of trailer you need as well as how long you plan to have it. It may seem like a no-brainer but it’s important to evaluate any factors that will influence the cost, choosing a company that prides itself on honest, transparent pricing. Having a clear understanding of what your final price tag will be is vital to ensuring a long-standing relationship with the company, as well as peace of mind that there will be no surprises.

3.  How Well-Maintained is the Trailer?

Before signing on the dotted line, make sure you assess the condition of the trailer and carefully inspect all areas. Ask about the past use of the trailer and whether it has passed all inspections. Find out about the maintenance schedule, and take note of any concerning areas that may come in handy if there is a dispute. Ask if the trailer has ever needed extensive repairs as well. The company you choose should take pride in having a well-maintained fleet of trailers with up-to-date inspections.

4.  What Are the Insurance and Liability Terms?

As a consumer, you should make sure you understand your responsibilities as well as all insurance options. Consider factors such as:

  • Exclusions and limitations
  • How many drivers are covered
  • Liability insurance
  • Deductibles

Contract terms should be clear and easy to understand. Always ask questions if something seems confusing or muddled to you. It’s better to work it out now rather than when it’s too late.

5.  What Are the Final Terms and Conditions?

Don’t lose steam now! The bottom line is the most important part, so take a close look at line items such as:

  • Return policies
  • Deposit
  • Duration

Reading the fine print may seem like a bore, but it’s vital in understanding what you’re signing. It’s too late once you sign and use the trailer, so it’s best to get all of these questions out of the way now. Here at Easy Car Haulers, we pride ourselves on educating our customers, and are happy to make sure you fully understand any agreements you sign before renting one of our trailers.  

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